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2012-2022: A decade of continuous expansion

When the HR Cement plant first started producing in August 2012, little did the team know how quickly their reputation, and so demand, would grow. To satisfy this call from the market, our team has been building almost continuously since then, culminating in the second mill line being completed in 2022, and Eco-cem being produced

A rough time line of our expansion:

  • 2012: Plant begins production with Mill, Bulk Silo 1, three QC Silos, and one Dispatch Silo
  • 2013: Store 2 added
  • 2014: Building roof apron joining the two stores complete
  • 2015: Second Dispatch Silo erected
  • 2016: 2000t Bulk Silo 2 completed
  • 2017: Third clinker store added, third Dispatch Silo erected
  • 2018: Weighbridge extended
  • 2019: Pre-grinder added to production line to boost production, & new custom built process control system installed
  • 2020: Mill 2 project begun
  • 2021: New Offices completed, QC Silos 4 & 5 erected
  • 2022: Mill 2 commissioned

This a remarkable history demonstrating our capacity and determination to continue to innovate in our industry.

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