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Eco-cem is made using, Blast Furnace Slag (BFS). Commonly used overseas, BFS is a by-product of steel production that we re-purpose into a low carbon cement substitution material with superior durability to traditional cement. It’s the first of its type available in New Zealand and it’s made in Mount Maunganui.

Eco-cem is used together with our GP cement Xtra-cem in different measures depending on your application, making a bespoke, more durable concrete product with better resistance to wear and tear that reduces your carbon footprint by up to 70%.

Locally-made Eco-cem is a low-carbon cement substitute which has been thoroughly tested and years in the making.

Eco-cem FAQs

Where is it made?

Eco-cem is made in our purpose-built mill in Mount Maunganui.

What is BFS?

Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) are a family of minerals that include fly ash, silica fume, BFS and natural pozzolans.

BFS is a by-product of steel production. Commonly used overseas in concrete, we are the first to re-purpose it into a low carbon cement substitute product locally. Eco-cem is a ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS).

How does BFS work in concrete?

BFS is finely ground to produce a reactive ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) such as Eco-cem. GGBFS is an effective cementitious material and can be used as a replacement for cement.

GGBFS is a reactive cementitious material because of its high glass content which is critical to the performance of GGBFS in concrete. 

The chemistry of GGBFS is dominated by calcium from the limestone added during smelting and silica from the ore minerals. Calcium and silica contents are quite consistent (about 40% as CaO and 33-37% as SiO2 respectively), but there are also more variable alumina and magnesia contents (8-18% as Al2O3 and 5-14% as MgO respectively). 

Silica and alumina compounds in the GGBFS react with lime present in concrete to form calcium silicate and calcium aluminate hydrates—products like the primary cementitious materials produced by the cement hydration reaction. The calcium silicate and calcium aluminate hydrates formed add to concrete strength and to the refinement of the pore structure of the concrete paste. 

GGBFS hydration is activated by alkalis and sulphates dissolved from the cement, however the initial rate of hydration is slower as the lime needs to initially break down the glassy GGBFS material. 

The main physical factor affecting the performance of GGBFS in concrete is fineness. We typically measure fineness as the percentage of the GGBFS passing a 45-micron sieve. The lower the percentage retained on a 45 micron sieve the higher the reactivity of a GGBFS.

Why does Eco-cem have to be used with another cement?

The benefits of Eco-cem must be balanced with Xtra-cem due to the chemical reactions involved. The more Eco-cem is used the slower the chemical reaction with the cement.

Our ready-mix concrete customers can help you find a balance between performance and maximizing the low-carbon and durability benefits.


Is it available in bags?

At this stage Eco-cem is only available in bulk tanker.  There are no immediate plans to sell it in either bulk or paper bags.

Not all cements are made the same.

Xtra-cem is a GP Cement that has been designed with superior chemistry for a durable concrete, and to conform with NZS3122. It’s also makes the fastest setting concrete in New Zealand.
Mix Eco-cem with Xtra-cem to design Earth-friendly EcoMax concrete.

Available in bulk tankers only.
Hardworking concrete that’s easy on the planet.

EcoMax is made by your local concrete company who mix our New Zealand-made Eco-cem and Xtra-cem Cement to create concrete with 30-60 percent less carbon.

Concrete mix designs can be customized allowing you to balance construction aspects such as set time, strength gain, finishing & cost, as well as any Green Star, Homestar or ISC goals. It’s not only the Earth-friendly choice, it’s more durable with an enhanced design life.

The greener concrete choice

Eco-cem creates a reaction where up to 70% of the carbon of regular cement are substituted resulting in lower carbon concrete. This concrete sold by ready-mix concrete companies is called EcoMax and brings a world of new opportunities to construction.

Further benefits of EcoMax
Chemical resistant

When used in concrete to replace GP cement Eco-cem forms a denser concrete matrix preventing the ingress of chemicals such as chlorides and sulphates.

Reduced Shrinkage

Because EcoMax concrete is denser, it also has lower shrinkage than standard concrete.  Contact us to find out more about shrinkage on your project

EcoMax FAQs

How much does it cost?

EcoMax is a premium product but provides a cleaner, more durable, and long-lasting concrete.

How much carbon is reduced?

The design mix is in the hands of the end-user but produces at least 40%, and up to 70%, less carbon that standard concrete.

What can EcoMax be used for?

The exact formulation will depend on the application, but EcoMax concrete can be used for all concrete products from driveways to precast, cast in situ beams to house floors

How is EcoMax specified?

The designer need only specify EcoMax Concrete for the concrete type, strength and a target cement replacement (either a set percentage or as much as possible). The contractor can then work with the concrete producer to establish the best mix for the application and time of year.

Satisfying NZS 3101:2006 Concrete Structures Standard for Durability?

EcoMax concrete can be used to satisfy all Exposure Classification requirements of Table 3.6 within NZS 3101.

  • Exposure classes A&B: Any EcoMax Concrete meets this standard.
  • Exposure Classification C: EcoMax containing 65% Eco-cem satisfies these criteria.

Is EcoMax durable?

Yes. As well as being a low carbon option, EcoMax is our most durable concrete yet. It has higher density and lower porosity and so is more resistant to chloride and acid attack. Hence it brings real benefits to concrete in harsh environments, from marine and infrastructure projects to roading and floors.

Where can I get EcoMax?

Contact us, letting us know where your project is,  and we can put you in touch with a local EcoMax concrete producer.

Environmental Product Declaration

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently produced report of the effects across a wide varietyof criteria. The EPD for our GP Cement Xtra-cem was produced by Thinkstep, a well known and very reputable NZ based company, and published in February 2022.

What our clients say about us

Bowers & Son Limited has been a customer since the early days of HR Cement, supplying both our busy Te Awamutu and Otorohanga plants. With any business relationship, communication is key to success, and this is a strength of the HR Cement operations team. HR Cement’s team take the time to understand our businesses’ requirements and to ensure we have reliable and consistent supply of product. Always professional as well as willing to find ways to add value to our business, we would recommend HR Cement to anyone looking for a cement supplier with a difference.

At WestBay Concrete, we are proud to have solely used HR cement since 2018 when we commenced trading. Dealing with the HR team on a daily basis, we find service is prompt and efficient with zero runouts to date. We look forward to including new cementitious alternatives from HR in the near future to help reduce our concrete’s carbon footprint.

“Our readymix plant in Whanganui has been using HRCL cement for the past 4 years now. Since switching to HRCL we haven’t looked back as we’ve been stoked with their cement products and willingness to go the extra mile for us. As a family business we’re also committed to keeping it local whenever we can so it’s a real bonus for us to be able to source high-quality cement that’s manufactured right here in New Zealand”

Mix Up Concrete Ltd have used HR Cements Xtra-Cem exclusively since 2017 with great results around setting times and strengths. A huge plus for our team, is the lack of cracking we have seen over this time.

In 2023 Mix Up has started using HR Cements Eco-cem to produce our Eco-Max earth friendly concrete. We are very excited with the carbon savings and durability benefits Eco-cem provides our plant and our customers.

It is also great to have HR Cement producing these high end products locally right here in Mount Maunganui.

We switched to HR Cement’s Xtra-Cem a few years ago and we’ve had absolutely no issues with it. Consistent Product, Industry-leading logistics and customer service from Adrian, Great sales back-up from Cam.

We know we’re not a large user of Xtra-Cem but we are treated as if we are.