Innovation is our passion

New Zealand’s first carbon-conscious concrete is finally here – made locally with Eco-cem.

Since production began in 2012, HR Cement has been focused on innovative products using world leading raw materials.  Our latest release is Eco-cem, which takes advantage of the carbon reduction properties of blast furnace slag (BFS) to make the best cement substitute available.  We are the first company to process BFS in New Zealand for a cleaner concrete choice.

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How does it work?

Combine Eco-cem and Xtra-cem cement to create EcoMax, hardworking concrete that’s easy on the planet.
Meet your sustainable building goals with us.


NZ Made, Earth Friendly Cement.
Eco-cem is a substitute for cement that utilises the raw material BFS – commonly used overseas for decades but made in NZ for the first time by HR Cement.   Eco-cem is used to make concrete with a much reduced carbon footprint and also enhanced durability that we call EcoMax.


NZ Made, Simply Superior Cement.
Xtra-cem is designed with superior chemistry for a durable concrete which conforms with NZS3122. It’s also the fastest setting concrete in NZ. Mix Eco-cem with Xtra-cem to design Earth-friendly EcoMax concrete.


Low Carbon Concrete.
EcoMax is made by your local concrete company who mix our NZ-made Eco-cem and Xtra-cem cement to create concrete with 40-70 percent less carbon. Concrete mix designs can be customized allowing you to balance high performance with buildability
Our story

Locally owned and operated, sustainability has been one of our leading principles from the get-go. Eco-cem and EcoMax have been six years in the making, backed by significant research into the most efficient low carbon solution.

Backed by the low-carbon technology behind Eco-cem, we can say with certainty EcoMax is the most hardworking, Earth friendly concrete on the market.

What our clients say about us

Mix Up Concrete Ltd have used HR Cements Xtra-Cem exclusively since 2017 with great results around setting times and strengths. A huge plus for our team, is the lack of cracking we have seen over this time.

In 2023 Mix Up has started using HR Cements Eco-cem to produce our Eco-Max earth friendly concrete. We are very excited with the carbon savings and durability benefits Eco-cem provides our plant and our customers.

It is also great to have HR Cement producing these high end products locally right here in Mount Maunganui.

“Our readymix plant in Whanganui has been using HRCL cement for the past 4 years now. Since switching to HRCL we haven’t looked back as we’ve been stoked with their cement products and willingness to go the extra mile for us. As a family business we’re also committed to keeping it local whenever we can so it’s a real bonus for us to be able to source high-quality cement that’s manufactured right here in New Zealand”

Bowers & Son Limited has been a customer since the early days of HR Cement, supplying both our busy Te Awamutu and Otorohanga plants. With any business relationship, communication is key to success, and this is a strength of the HR Cement operations team. HR Cement’s team take the time to understand our businesses’ requirements and to ensure we have reliable and consistent supply of product. Always professional as well as willing to find ways to add value to our business, we would recommend HR Cement to anyone looking for a cement supplier with a difference.

At WestBay Concrete, we are proud to have solely used HR cement since 2018 when we commenced trading. Dealing with the HR team on a daily basis, we find service is prompt and efficient with zero runouts to date. We look forward to including new cementitious alternatives from HR in the near future to help reduce our concrete’s carbon footprint.

We were new to the concrete industry when we approached HR Cement for supply.

They were super supportive and a huge help to building the successful Concrete Manufacturer we are today. Not only do we get impeccable support and advice but we are also getting supplied a quality product that sets us apart from anyone else in our region.

It is also a pleasure to be on board with a company that is innovative and expanding its cement options to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.