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From BFS to Eco-cem – how it is made

At HR Cement, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and creating sustainable products.  Our new product Eco-cem utilises BFS, the best raw material for both durability and carbon reduction. BFS (Blast Furnace Slag) is produced when iron ore is smelted in a blast furnace. It's a waste product that was once discarded, but now it is being used in the production of cement alternatives. But how does slag make its way from a…

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How we built our new second production line, sustainably.

As a leading cement manufacturer, HR Cement is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in everything we do. That's why when we decided to build our second production line, we knew we wanted to do it in a way that would minimize our environmental impact. The most interesting aspect of the procurement for the new plant was seeing what was already available here in New Zealand.  Our construction team kept a watchful…

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Doing our bit with the cyclone rebuild

The first cement delivery to the Hawkes Bay arrived just a day after Cyclone Gabrielle caused havoc in the Hawkes Bay. With the Napier-Taupo road closed, our dedicated transport team had to detour around to Palmerston North to ensure concrete can be made in the Bay. This required a 1109km and 18 hour round trip and an overnight stay in the Manawatu for the drivers. The Bridgeman Concrete team in Hastings welcomed the delivery which…

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2012-2022: A decade of continuous expansion

When the HR Cement plant first started producing in August 2012, little did the team know how quickly their reputation, and so demand, would grow. To satisfy this call from the market, our team has been building almost continuously since then, culminating in the second mill line being completed in 2022, and Eco-cem being produced A rough time line of our expansion: 2012: Plant begins production with Mill, Bulk Silo 1, three QC Silos, and…

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Consistent Quality: our driving culture

Ensuring minimal variation in the final product is something the team strive for every hour of our 24/7 operation. First comes the raw materials which we source from a reputable overseas supplier on a long-term contract. Our supplier’s plant produces 4 million tonnes per annum and so achieves both economies of scale and a consistent and reliable product. To understand the relative size of this, note that the total NZ cement market is 1.5 million…

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