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Consistent Quality: our driving culture

Ensuring minimal variation in the final product is something the team strive for every hour of our 24/7 operation.

First comes the raw materials which we source from a reputable overseas supplier on a long-term contract. Our supplier’s plant produces 4 million tonnes per annum and so achieves both economies of scale and a consistent and reliable product. To understand the relative size of this, note that the total NZ cement market is 1.5 million tonnes.

Our clinker is stored undercover to ensure it doesn’t degrade, then fed into one of two ball mills. These mills run 24 hours a day around 90% of the year, stopping only for maintenance. This continuous operation ensures an even production specification.

Quality is controlled first by the transferring the product to one of three QC (Quality Control) silos. We test our consistency every two hours, and once approved the product is moved from the QC to one of our Bulk Storage silos ready for dispatch.

The final step is to aggregate the hourly samples and send to an independent lab for full performance testing, the results of which are made public on our weekly testing certificate.

A complete, transparent and open system that build trust and proves our consistent quality

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